Problems That Stem From Bipolar Disorder

Too many adults and even teenagers have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Unfortunately it might take years for people to understand that something is wrong and to actually take the necessary action needed to find out what it could be. Dealing with the symptoms associated with this disease is hard enough though without adding on other complications that can stem from it.

Substance Abuse

One of the most common problems that people will struggle with when they suffer from this mental problem is substance abuse. For people who have been diagnosed the easiest thing for them to use when treating the problem is medication. This is especially true for those who suffer from the more severe depression or manic episodes.

The medication is used to keep them calm so that they do not do anything rash and to keep their minds clear as much as possible. However, some people feel that it makes them feel like they do not have any control over their minds and that they are in a constant fog. That is when they might turn to things that are more ‘enjoyable’ and easier to use.

If you read the biographies of celebrities that suffer from this disease than you will see a common trend. Most of them turned to non prescription drugs and alcohol as a way of escaping from the problem. What they did not know was that this only made things worse and would trigger more episodes more frequently.

Anxiety Disorder

Another common problem to be aware of are the variety of anxiety disorders that might take hold in your mind. Post traumatic stress disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are the most common to have to deal with. These will cause the patients to be restless and easily distracted.