Free Online Bipolar Test

Below are some generalized questions that might indicate you have a high chance of suffering from bipolar disorder. This bipolar test shouldn’t be taken in lieu of seeing a doctor, however it is a pretty good indicator that you may have a manic-depressive disorder.

1. Do you have moments where you feel on top of the world, for no apparent reason? When this happens, are you much more active than usual and perhaps exhibit aggressive or risky behavior? This could be to achieve goals or attempts at unrealistic expectations. This would be during the ‘up’, or ‘manic’ phase.

2. Do you sometimes have compulsive behavior, for example poor judgement. This is often associated with shopping sprees and excessive sexual behavior. Again, this happens during the ‘up’ phase.

3. Have you had intense bouts of depression, lasting several weeks or more? This would be the ‘down’ phase, and would be diagnosed as clinical depression. Symptoms include loss of appetite and losing weight, being very tired and fatigued, difficulty sleeping, feeling sad or helpless, having poor concentration or – worse – suicidal thoughts?

4. Does your mood often cycle between 1-2 and 3? Meaning, do you have ‘ups’ where you feel on top of the world without good reason, then you go through an extended period of being ‘down’ for more than two weeks at a time? Again, for no apparent reason?

5. Do you go through periods where you feel both ‘up’ and ‘down’ at the same time? One moment you’re coming up with great ideas and are thinking fast, then the next you can’t put your thoughts together and the quality of your work or performance suffers? Laughing one moment, and crying a short while later… again, for no apparent reason or for unrealistic reasons?

6. Does your family have a history of mental illness, especially bipolar disorder? Families often share the chances of developing a manic-depressive disorder – for good or bad. This often holds true for other mental problems as well. Genetics play a major role in the odds of becoming bipolar.

Bipolar Test Results

  • If you answered “YES” to at least 4 of these 6 questions then it’s highly advised that you should speak with a doctor about how your feeling.
  • If you answered “YES” to less than 4 of these questions, you probably aren’t bipolar. Having said that, only your doctor can diagnose you accurately.
  • If you answered “YES” to all 6 then you very likely are bipolar. Please seek professional help immediately.

No matter what the results of this online bipolar test were, the simple fact that you came here and took it suggests that there may be something wrong. It may or may not be bipolar disorder, it may very well be another mental illness or something else that needs addressing. Please, don’t hesitate – speak with a doctor about how you’re feeling. Only then can you receive proper advice and treatment to help you get better.