Bipolar Treatment Methods

Bipolar disorder is a very serious condition that might affect men and women of almost any age group. For most people it can be rather severe and affect you in your everyday life. That is why it is important that you look into all of the treatment options that are available to your as soon as you have been diagnosed.


The most common treatment available for bipolar disorder is medication. It used to be that people would take a type of mood stabilizer (like lithium) to treat the problem. These were considered to be very reliable and were the first line of treatment.

However, now that the world of medicine has become more advanced a lot of doctors will prescribe atypical antipsychotics in place of the mood stabilizers. These are more expensive medications – but they are stronger and are able to provide patients with long term symptoms relief. The downside to these is that they do have greater side effects to be concerned about.


Psychotherapy is a type of treatment method that allows the patients to speak about their illness and to better understand how it affects their lives and how to cope with it without having to take medication. There are several different types of psychotherapy that they can do in a group or one on one with their doctor.

Behavioral – This is a treatment in which the patient will focus on changing their lifestyle and decreasing the things that stress them out the most.

Cognitive – This is an approach that will help the patient to identify and change the way in which they think. In that way their mood will be less likely to shift suddenly in times when things are not going the way that they might have planned.

Interpersonal –┬áThis will help the patient to learn how to incorporate their relationships into their life and how to reduce any strain that might stem from it.