Alternative Treatments For Bipolar Disorder

There are a number of different things that doctors will use when treating their patients suffering from bipolar disorder. The most common is to prescribe them medicine that will help to control the mood swings they suffer from. Some medications will focus on keeping people, who are depressed, in a relaxed state. Others might be used to keep people calm and from doing anything extreme when they are happy. However, there are other, more alternative, methods that can be used; support group and electroconvulsive therapy.

Support Programs

Support groups are important because they incorporate the entire family. It is important for the family to understand exactly what the patient is going through and how to cope with it along with them. With the right programs you will understand how to cope with the bad episodes that come about and how to deal with any symptoms that come up. There are also programs that help those patients who do not have any type of family support.

How It Helps

  • Know how to cope with the symptoms that come when you use medication.
  • Know how to have a lifestyle that is healthy and why you should not use recreational drugs.
  • Know what symptoms you should watch for and how to deal with them.
  • As a family member learn how to monitor the patients so that they take the medication correctly.
  • Know how to have the right sleep schedule (this is very important for patients).

Electroconvulsive Therapy

This therapy treatment is used to treat the manic and depressive phase of bipolar disorder in patients that are not responding well to medication. It is a treatment that will push an electric current into the patient and create a mild and short seizure. While this is happening the patient is under anesthesia and is unaware of what is going on.

ECT is not a popular treatment to use because it is ridiculed in the press and the public eye. This ridicule stems from the time when the treatment was first created and when it was painful for the patient to endure.

Nowadays this treatment is not painful for the patient because they do not feel it while asleep under the anesthesia. However, the doctor will not use this treatment method on the elderly and adolescents because their bodies cannot handle the stress of it.